` NCICA Convention

Important Notice's from Chairman Jerry Burns:

1.  NCICA President for 2020, Tom King, is locked down in his state of VA
                    as well as Jim Cate and Myself in TN.
      We have talked and decided to forgo the Fall convention because
                    at this point Tom King cannot get out and talk to people
                    in order to set up a good convention.
      We are kicking around the idea of a Spring convention and
                    I would also like your thoughts on a Spring convention.
      If and when you contact me be sure and give me all of your contact information,
                    phone, cell phone and email address
                    Keep the faith and there will be a Golden Sphinx coming out shortly

2.  We have found that we do not have an EMAIL address's for many of the members.
      We would like ALL members to Click on the Button below -- EMAIL your Address
                                to be sure we have it.

                  When your email program pop's up;
                  Enter your NAME, EMAIL, any COMMENTS and then send the email
            This will Email your Info to The Chairmen, Vice Chairman & Registrar

      When the convention firms up this will allow a faster notification to the membership
                    than the website or GS magazine would provide.


Important Notice:
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